Pest Exterminator Sydney

Basic Facts about Pest Exterminators in Sydney

According to a research done by Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in May 2010, there are 62,490 pest control workers in the United States. 59,390 of these workers give these services to building and homes while the rest provide their services to the schools, government, food manufacturing, employment services etc.  As of February 2011 BLS statistics shown that only 5.5% of all exterminator in the US are female. However, this percentage is bound to increase as the time goes and the work force will be bigger.

An exterminator is a rarely used name referring to a pest control practitioner who usually inspects buildings and structures for the signs of pests. That could be the reason why you might not have heard the term. They usually remove any unwanted creatures like rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, scorpions, fleas, wasps, red ants from your building. These unwanted pests can pose very serious risks to your health and safety. So as to have a quality integrated pest management process, exterminators must have knowledge and biology of a vast range of these pests. In addition to these pests, pest control workers also eliminate irritating birds and other wildlife creatures.  Information provided by: Pest Control Sydney – Exterminators | Concerned Pest Control Sydney

Exterminators in Sydney usually identify those potential and the real pest problems, they conduct inspections and also do designing of pest control strategies. Most of them must visit or travel to their clients’ residential and commercial places. In 2014, 88% of exterminators provided their services in industries and buildings thereof. Irrespective of the type of weather around, you will receive both the indoor and outdoor services from these experts. You will see them kneeling, crawling, and bending in those tight places while doing inspection and treatment. They wear protective gears like gloves, respirators, goggles, helmet etc. while in the process.

Duties of Exterminators in Sydney

Pest control workers usually dispense the following duties:

  • Inspection for signs of infestation in premises and buildings
  • Estimation of service costs
  • Determination of the type of treatment
  • Applying pesticides in and around infested areas
  • Measuring the dimensions of treatment area
  • Designing pest management plans
  • Using baits and traps so as to kill pests
  • Driving trucks having power sprays
  • Creating barriers to keep off the pests from buildings

These exterminators use various pesticides to control pests. Termite control professional use chemicals and also some do repairs for any damaged structures by termites and they build barriers to prevent various pests accessing food source. In addition, they use gases called fumigants treating various kinds of pests and other large infested areas. Most of the exterminators in Sydney are usually trained on pesticide usage and protective gears to use. The chemicals used in eliminating these pests are dangerous and may cause illnesses to these workers.

Important Qualities to Look out for in Exterminators in Sydney

Exterminators study specialities like termite control, rodent control and fumigation. They should have general training in pesticides and safety; you should make sure that the exterminator you chose is licensed, certified and registered.  When choosing the right pest control professional look out for the following qualities:

  • They must have bookkeeping skills – they must have proper knowledge of keeping records of the number of hours they work, chemicals they use, and amount of payment of their service.
  • Quality customer service skills – they should be friendly to you
  • They are detail oriented – they should follow every instruction carefully so that they prevent harm
  • They must have physical stamina – they should be hard working and be able to withstand uncomfortable conditions.