Dane Searls : A Legend Lost

What makes a legend?

When a person does something that others dare NOT to do, that is what makes a person a legend.

Dane Searls

Dane Searls lost his fight for his life early today which a a huge loss to the BMX community and his friends and family. Dane Searls was one of the guys that wasn’t afraid to hit the biggest jumps in the world, literally after setting the world record for longest jump on a BMX bike just recently. He also wasn’t afraid to shake a strangers hand, he was one of the nicest most genuine guys you could have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The loss of such an inspirational rider and person will be felt across the BMX Community and across the world forever he was one of the riders that was here to push the limits of where this sport can go.

You may be gone but you will never be forgotten mate!


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